Rim Light

$ 28.95 $ 60.00

Light up your hoop with a swish! Our Rim light lights up the rim of your basketball hoop every time you score, with up to one hundred unique light patterns. Rim Light is the world's very first sensor-activated LED strip designed to attached to any basketball hoop. What makes Rim Light unique as a basketball entertainment product is that it accurately provides exciting and vibrant instant-feedback to players when they score a basket!

Why your family will love Rim Light:

1) Encourages Physical Activity
2) Pulls Kids Away From Their Smartphones
3) Extends Playing Time Into The Night
4) Amplifies passion for basketball
5) Makes Playing Alone & with friends more Fun!


Weather proof, highly resistant to change in moisture, precipitation, temperature and UV rays. Its high quality parts are designed to withstand force from the ball and other forms of direct impact. And its energy efficiency provides up to 30 days of play on a single charge.